Thursday, 24 April 2014

Easter at home

Hi everyone, hope you all had a wonderful Easter break doing all the things you love!
We here in South Africa are in full Autumn mode, and it is a truly beautiful season ...

....... I love my street in the Autumn .....

... a tricky photo, but I am constantly entranced by this tree on our verge .. it is a Pin Oak in its Autumn coat .. and at night the lamp post casts a beautiful light on the leaves 
.. I think I will try and photograph this again some time, perhaps after it has rained and the foliage will twinkle a little! ......

..... a surprise late bloom on my favourite rose bush ...

... and a beautiful display of colour on a verge down the road ....
I am yet to find out what the name of this beautiful tree is .. any ideas?  .....  I just had to take a photo and share it, it is stunning!!

... my cute little grand niece Tyla playing in a sunny, leafy spot ...

....  the lemons on my tree are a such a size already, their deep green-ness is too gorgeous! ...

I had a lovely afternoon during the weekend making a jar jacket in limey green and cream ...  the pattern is from Attic 24, it's Lucy's Raindrops stitch

... and then I made a blue jar jacket to match

..... such a pretty square, its called the Willow Square, and comes from Jan Eaton's book 200 Squares.  I made it up from a picture, but have now also ordered the book .. can't wait to have news that it has arrived!  I think I have decided on this square in solid spring colours for my next afghan ....

.... and Easter weekend could not go by without something yummy  ....
 my Choc Cappuccino muffins with choc icing and mini Easter eggs to decorate ... 
they were delicious !!  My hubby loves any cake with a coffee note! 

.... and now, with the long weekend behind me, I am full tilt into completing my Mandala pattern for posting, edging an afghan I have made as a wedding gift, and adding the finishing touches to my x-stitch Xmas trees for April's contribution to 1 Xmas Project a Month ....  amongst other WIP's! ...
busy times indeed!

Until next time


  1. Hi Pat! Your jars look so pretty in their new covers. :) How I wish we were in beautiful autumn too. I so love that season, and your pink autumn rose is just perfect! Have a lovely, creative weekend! xo

  2. Those jar jackets (such a cute name for them too!). Looks like you have been a very busy lady!

  3. Isn't autumn beautiful this year? I was just thinking about it yesterday and I thought that the trees just started to explode in autumn colours.

    1. Could it be all the rain we had during late summer? I feel our Autumn colours are spectacular this year!
      Pat :)

  4. Such a lovely autumnal post Pat as we enter spring in our corner!
    Love your crochet jar covers...very pretty and I have the Willow pattern on my 'to do' list too...x
    Hope you have a happy new week,
    Susan x

    1. We had a lot of late summer rain, perhaps that is why our Autumn is quite special this year!

  5. Lovely to meet you, Pat. Thank you for visiting and following. I love your little jar covers, Lucy is a real inspiration, isn't she? I have that book you have ordered and have made a few squares from it. I'm sure you will love it. Will be posting again soon, I need to make more time for my little blog! xxx

    1. I am anxiously waiting for news from the Post Office re the arrival of the book!
      Pat xx

  6. Your jar jackets are lovely Pat, so beautifully made.
    Have a good week,
    Kate x

    1. I am delighted with how they turned out, adds a splash of colour to the kitchen!

  7. Hi Pat, nice to meet you! I enjoyed the pictures from your street. Such lovely autumn views! And here in California it's already hot summer. The jar covers are really cute. I should check out that Raindrops stitch.


    1. Hi Olga, lovely to hear from you :)


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