Thursday, 29 May 2014

random facts and cheerful flowers ..

I have read of late with a smile, posts of 'random  facts' about lovely bloggers I follow.  So I have put down a few of my own .... in some respects my hubby says I am 'strange' but this is what makes us all so individual and unique not so!

1.  I am a true Taurean. Loyal and faithful to my family and friends, I have friendships that span up to 50 years, school friends that are still good friends, a fact of which I am enormously proud and thankful. I am also stubborn I hear!
2.  I love shopping for stationary.  My favourite buys are Journals, pretty Post-its and colour Gel pens.  I only use Gel pens...
3.  I love thunder storms.  Living in South Africa and especially on the Highveld, we have spectacular skies lit with stunning displays of lightning, and dark brooding thunder clouds in the summer months...
4.  I was once a Knitwit sewing teacher.  The Knitwit sewing concept came from Australia, teaching the basics or sewing with stretch fabrics .. it was wonderful.  It was the happiest time for me...
5. I love chocolate cake and tea for breakfast, and I also only drink normal tea ~ no herb and flavoured teas for me, and I love a Rooibos Cappucino ~ is this drink unique to South Africa I wonder?  ...
6.  I wish I had become a ballroom dancer. I love dancing ...
7.  I love classic rock, country rock, light classics, golden oldies and Michael Bublé and Dire Straits ...
8.  I have a half glass of red wine when I am in the kitchen cooking in the evening, and no, I do not talk to "wall"! ...
9.   I am a chocoholic ...
10. My favourite flower is a pink rose ...
11. I love animals ...
12. I appreciate true talent ...
13. I do not like pushy, bossy, know-it-all, or insincere people, or abusers especially of animals or children ...
14. I love my husband (3rd) with all my heart - it's a long story ...
15. I love my blog/online journal and the wonderful friends I have met along the way ... 

My current project is a sunny spring flowers blanket.  I am using a square I love, the Starburst Square; it is quick and easy and adapts really well to adding layer upon layer of colour.  My inspiration comes from Heather at The Patchwork Heart, who has made beautiful blankets using this pattern.

The yarn is a 4ply with a 3.50mm hook.  Joining method is the join-as-you-go from Attic 24.  For the border I am leaning towards pretty and a little lacy and in white with maybe a speck of colour here and there.

Thank you for popping by, have a most splendid week lovely friends ~
 Pat xxxxxxxxx


  1. Very sweet post Pat! Your circles and squares look amazing (Mirage 4ply??)

    1. Mirage 4ply mainly, what a fab yarn! ... and then a couple of colours in Family Knit 4 ply, working up really quickly!

    2. Lovely post Pat, I think Rooibos Cappuccino is only peculiar to SA I haven,t found it yet here in the UK, miss all you guys very much, lots of love.

    3. Thanks so much for the comment Ruth!

    4. are just wonderful and the best mother and inspiration a daughter could possibly have! I am so so very proud of you and aspire to be like you in so many you with all my heart and more xxx

    5. What more could a mom want ♥

  2. Hi Pat, I remember knit wit well and used their patterns to make my children's clothing when I was still in NZ. I was looking for them online some months ago but they seem to have disappeared completely so I am glad to hear you mention it :-) It seems like a whole lifetime ago now! Thank you for sharing your random facts, I found it very interesting.
    Tracey xxx

    1. Hi Tracey, lovely to hear from you! Knitwit was huge in SA in the Eighties, and the owners of my franchise, Avril and Penny, and I still meet for coffee and cake often. I loved my time teaching there! So glad we have connected, I love your blog!

  3. I loved reading this! And your Starburst Flowers are gorgeous xxx

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  5. I too have enjoyed these 'random facts' posts - yours including. It's never too late to start those ballroom dance classes! My eldest daughter (soon to be 8) started around Xmas time last year and is loving it, and is taking her first dance exam this coming Sunday morning. That's a pretty blanket - seems like there's lots of blanket making in blogland lately...I want to start one too. Really like Heather's blog, and her blankets.
    Amanda x
    p.s. love the sweet message your daughter has left you :-)

    1. Thank you Amanda, I have a lovely daughter .. I am very blessed. Do wish your daughter good luck with her dance exam from me xxx

    2. Hi Amanda, how did your daughter's dance exam go? xx


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