Wednesday, 12 April 2017

My Bottom-up Crochet Heart

I have been feeling ridiculously happy these last few days!  We have had autumn rains, and warm days as we head towards the cooler weather.  I am done with the summer heat. Working with yarn has become more than a pleasure, makes me such a happy bunny.  I feel my enthusiasm heightening by the day .. such a good feeling;  and it's time to get the crochet blankets out to air, in readiness for the cool of the evenings ..YAY!
I have a love affair (pardon the pun) with hearts, crochet hearts, felt hearts, any hearts, any shape!

Before crocheting became my bliss, crafting with felt and a bit of decorative embroidery was a great pastime of mine.  My favourite go-to pattern for a crochet heart is The Rose Heart Hanger;  the link can be found here.  My pattern has slightly different starting rows, where you start with a chain, work back along the chain, then flip the work over and commence on the 'bottom' line of the starting chains .... hence the name Bottom-up!!

The pattern is worked in US Terms:  Single crochet (sc), except for 1 Double crochet (dc) in Row 1. The ch1 at the beginning of each row is not counted as a stitch.
Any yarn can be used with the appropriate size hook. The size of hook and thickness of yarn will determine the size of the heart.
For my heart here I have used a size 4mm hook and Katia DK Cotton 'Degrade' 
Make two hearts.  The 'Bottom Up' method of starting the heart, gives a nice even shape. Sometimes I find my heart point a little 'off centre' in patterns I have tried .. it's me! not the pattern! This way I find gives me a nice centre point.

Stitches used
ch:  chain
st:   stitch
sc:  single crochet US  or  dc:  double crochet UK
dc:  double crochet US  or  tr: treble crochet UK
2sctog:  a decrease stitch; 2 single crochet stitches worked together US or 
2 double crochet stitches worked together UK

Chain 4
Row 1:  Sc into 2nd Ch from hook, 1dc in next st, 1sc in last stitch. Ch 1

Row 2:  The crochet continues on the bottom loops of your starting chain, so turn your work clockwise and start next row in first loop of first chain:    2sc in 1st st, (sc in next st) x2, sc in last st .. that's the last loop you see in the photo below - 5 sc;  1ch and turn;

like so

Row 3:  2sc in 1st st, sc in each st to end;  you are adding one stitch each row.
Rpt Row 3 until you have 20 sc across (17 rows)
Next row:  sc across all sts. (18 rows)

First round part of the heart
Next row:  sc across first 10 sts. Ch 1, turn making sure you have 10 stitches remaining for the second round part of the heart 

Decrease rows:

Row 20:  2sctog, 2sc, 2sctog, 2sc, 2sctog (7sts) ch1, turn.
Row 21:  2sctog, 3sc, 2sctog (5sts) ch1, turn.
Row 22:  2sctog, 1sc, 2sctog (3sts).  Cut yarn and tie off.
first dome shape done.

To finish off a row, this is what I do.  I Cut the yarn about 6-7 cm from the crochet piece,  and pull the thread through the last loop on my hook.  Then I pull gently but tightly to make a little knot, which when sewn away neatly into the back of the work, becomes quite invisible.  Like so!

Join yarn to remaining stitches, starting in st 11 from Row 18 and sc to end. Ch1 and turn.   Rpt decrease rows. Cut yarn and tie off.

Sew the threads neatly into the back of your heart piece

This yarn has a lovely fade in the colour

Crochet the two hearts together using sc, leaving a 5+ cm gap to enable the wadding to be pushed in.  Complete working the two hearts together.

An alternative is to sew the hearts together ...
Use a large sewing needle and thread with yarn;  line up the hearts carefully wrong sides together and I pin here and there so that they don't move or slide. Sew together, tie off securely and stitch away ends into body of heart.

 Beautiful shades of purple fading to lilac

To finish your hearts, a simple rose and leaf, or embellishment of your choice is fun to add, crochet a chain loop on the top and you have a pretty addition to a birthday gift, a door hanger, a decoration to hang on your dressing table, or your favourite mirror.  Attach a silver ring and use as a handbag charm or key ring  I always have a stock of hearts on hand, to pop into little gauzy bags to take to a tea to give my friends as a keepsake. 
And Mother's Day celebrated in May is just around the corner;  decorate your Mother's Days gift with a beautiful crochet heart. 

I was trying a square in some mercerised cotton and a fine hook some time back, and found it was just right to fancy up the paler heart; I added a chain loop using the cotton together with the lilac yarn.

Couldn't help it! This beautiful bloom with rain drops from this morning's showers was just waiting for me to take a pic!

Hope you enjoy making up my heart pattern - I would love to see your photos on my Sunshine and a Sewing Basket FB page
Thank you for reading
Pat xxxxxxxxx


  1. Hi nice to have you back, was wondering how is your stripey blanket going? I'm thinking of starting one love your colours. Thanks

  2. Wonderful and so romantic! I love it ♥. Thanks for sharing & happy Easter!
    Nata xxx

    1. Thank you Nata, happy Easter to you too! xx

  3. Hi Anne, my stripey blanket just needs a row or two more and a border .. It has been a such a beastly hot summer, too hot to work on a big project, I will be moving on with it shortly, thank you for asking! xx

  4. Oh, Pat,I love these Hearts. Thanks for the pattern! :D I'm sharing to my page on FB.


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