Monday, 31 July 2017

Cake Yarn Magic

Had a lot going on dear friends; thank goodness for the calmness and peace my crochet work brings me! In the turmoil and mayhem that has filled many of my days of late, and with my concentration levels at almost zero, I chose these two simple projects; easy patterns and beautiful yarn and my first tryout of the hugely on-trend cake yarns. The patterns I used are courtesy of two of my favourite creative ladies.  The Cosy Stripe Blanket is from Lucy @ Attic 24, and the Wrap Around Granny Square Cushion Cover is from Heather @ The Patchwork Heart.

The Cosy Stripe Blanket uses just Double Crochet Stitch (US) or Treble Crochet Stitch (UK), in a two row pattern sequence, simple to follow, not much concentration needed! The beauty of Cake Yarn is as the yarn is taken up in the crochet process, the colour runs blend one into the other, so no pesky colour change threads to take care of. I used Kismet Cupcake DK, and a 4,5mm hook. 

For the border I first did a row of Double Crochet US/Treble Crochet UK, as per Lucy's pattern. The second row is Single Crochet US/Double Crochet UK all round.  Then I did four rows of Linen stitch.

The Wrap Around Granny Square Cushion Cover is so quick and easy.  Just crochet a large Granny Square in Double Crochet US/Treble Crochet UK, place the cushion at a diagonal on your square, and close as per Heather's easy-to-follow instructions.

I love how the cushion cover in the changing colour runs, gives you completely different looks on each side.

My Cosy Stripe blanket is approximately 45 inches/115 cm wide and 50 inches/128 cm long; and weighs 600 gms ( 4 x 150 gm cakes)

It is still chilly in the evenings here in Jo'burg SA, and I am thinking we may yet have some really cold weather before winter is over, so my new Knee Rug fits the bill beautifully!

Keep well, find something good in every day,
much love Pat xxxxxx