Monday, 6 January 2014

Introducing .......

Can you believe it, we are into the second week of 2014! If you would indulge me, may I introduce you to our beloved pets, who bring 'sunshine' into our lives every day.

This is Dexter, our rescued Boxer, who has a tail that spins like a helicoptor rotor when he is happy - which is all the time - and the kindest face on the planet.  He is ten years old, healthy and has the most benevolent disposition.

Then we have Layla the Boston Terrier, who thinks she is a princess and enjoys all the perks that go with the title.  A cleverer little dog I have yet to meet ... and I completely adore her.  She sleeps next to me, lies on my lap and gazes into my eyes with absolute and unconditional love. She is four, is our drama queen, having had a knee operation in December 2013, an allergic reaction to swallowing a bee in December 2012, and a slight stroke from which she completely recovered when she was just a pup!!  Her favourite pastime is playing catch with a frisbee.

She's quite a little champion
I do believe our days are richer for having these two canine babes in our lives .... a moment of sadness or dispair is immediately dispelled when we interact with our pets, they heal us, love us, and keep us safe in these uncertain times we live in here in South Africa.

Best buddies

Thank you for reading,
Love you bucketsful,
Pat xx


  1. Oh thank you for sharing your beautiful family !!!!!!!

  2. Love the dogs. We had to put down our one Boxer yesterday :-(

    1. Oh dear, so sad to loose a beloved canine friend, so sorry xx P

  3. Hi Pat...It's so nice to meet you! You left the sweetest comment on my blog. Thank you!!! Like you, we adore animals as well, and have four precious kitties. Your pups are beautiful! I love what you wrote about them, and your photos are just precious! Have a really great weekend! xo Paulette :)

    1. Thank you for you kind comments Paulette, it's wonderful to have a good review, I am so new at blogging, I am hugely encouraged! X Pat

  4. How lucky you are Pat to have Dexter and Layla in your lives....they are adorable...such lovely pics!
    Hope you all have a wonderful week!
    Susan x

    1. Thank you Susan ... we have a doggie food TV commercial here in South Africa, and the tagline goes "we're for dogs" ....that's hubby and me!
      Have a wonderful week too
      Pat x

  5. They sure do look like best buds - the photo of them curled up together on the sofa is just fab. Makes me think maybe we should get a pal for my dog to keep her company? I'm not so sure...she's as crazy as a box of frogs!
    Happy New Year!!

  6. Aww it so wonderful to have pets in your life and the photo of them snuggled up is so sweet, we have two fur people (craftng assistants) Merli and Dylan
    Clare x


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