Sunday, 2 March 2014

A Dedication

An all sorts couple of weeks, including the passing of a dear and inspirational friend.

~ Lois and Matthew ~

Our family was so saddened by the sudden passing of a friend, whom can only be described as probably the bravest and most courageous lady I will know in my lifetime.  Lois and her son came down from Harare Zimbabwe ‘under the radar’ in the back of a truck;  they did not have the necessary paperwork to come through the border legally.  Lois was left a quadriplegic following a car wreck .. she was only 16 … she suffered dreadful spinal injuries,  and was given at most 5 years to live. Well, undaunted the young lady went on to marry, and later produce Matthew, a true ‘miracle baby’.  After some years her spouse divorced her, and she was left in the care of two devoted sisters.  

 With medical care in Zimbabwe dwindling to less that pathetic and for her particular, 
she decided to come down to SA to her elderly parents.  My daughter and her then husband adopted this little family, feeding them and caring for them, and eventually with the support of a few sponsor families, moved Lois into a care facility that could meet her specialised needs.

  Despite the odds she lived to celebrate her 51st  birthday! Two weeks ago she came down with a lung infection, which proved too severe for her to fight.
Lois was as bright as a button, informed about the world around her (she watched loads of TV news and documentaries), learned how to operate a laptop, tapping with a sort of stylus she held in her mouth and scripting a daily diary.  She became quite an ‘activist’ at the Home, offering support and being the ‘voice’ to the staff, addressing issues on behalf of other patients unable to communicate.  She loved chocolate, my daughter and I and Lois giggling while making short shrift of a big bar of Whole Nut!  She loved bubbly now and again, and telling jokes, and having her hair cut stylishly and watching Rom-coms.

  She was beautiful inside and out.  I was humbled in her awesome and inspirational presence. 

Now she is freed from her broken body ….. free to run and dance and frolic unencumbered.

She was a bright, shining star among us, now a bright, beautiful star in the heavens …..
 I will miss you dear Lois


  1. That is very sad such a brave lady also makes me feel small and I am making a mental note to stop moaning about things....things which are nothing in comparison. Very sorry to hear you have lost such a wonderful friend!

    take care now

    Amanda x

  2. Inspiration! Reminding us to be grateful every single day for each and everything!!! How sad to have lost someone so special - but in a way joyful because she is now truly free!

  3. Thank you Zelna and Amanda xx

  4. I'm so sorry about the loss of your dear friend. xo

  5. A beautiful and very moving tribute Pat.
    Kate x

  6. Such a beautiful tribute Pat to your wonderful and truly inspirational friend Lois....special people can never be replaced and I can just imagine how dearly she will be missed...xx
    Take care,
    Susan x


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