Thursday, 16 March 2017

Life is what happens ..........

So goes John Lennon's familiar quote,  "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans".  And so I found myself planning many new projects in the last few months, and instead life happened.   An unsettling time, a trip abroad, a wedding, a daughter in law joins the family, a spell of ill health, a heat wave or two, Christmas, a grandson goes off to boarding school, and a daughter returns home and leaves again!

Taking deep breaths right now, wishing for lovely cool rainy days ... it has been soo hot, not crochet or working with yarn ideal at all.

Ok First up .... my son's wedding.  He lives in Guildford, I love it there!

This is their engagement photo .. two beautiful special people. Sam is from Milano, my son is South African, but living in England now.

And after the ceremony ~ Mr and Mrs!

It was a lovely wedding, dancing and delicious food, happy people and warm feelings! I was so fortunate to share this wonderful day with my beloved friend Wendy, we have been friends for 54 years, it was a memorable occasion! I spent a week staying with her and the family, catching up on old times, the best of times!  Then I spent a week with the newlyweds, getting to know my new daughter-in-law Samantha, and sharing a wonderful few days with my son.  We spent a day in Dorset, trawling the many antique shops.  And to my delight I discovered Gilliangladrag Fluffatorium.  Oh my word what a delight that little shop is .. just a riot of colour, and the nicest ladies on hand to help. 

A day in London was fabulous, a walk along the South Bank, all the way to the super Borough Market.  A stop to take a photo of the South African flag fluttering above South Africa house, oh and by the weather was superb for almost the duration of my visit, the sunshine and mostly blue skies almost every day of the seventeen days I was there ...   So lucky was I!!

I was based in the Guildford/Woking area .. I loved how easy it was for me to catch a bus or the train, and how safe I felt.  Remember I live in Johannesburg South Africa, which is my home town and I love where I live .. but it is known to be a dangerous city as well. I loved Guildford's cobbled high street, with little alleys leading off it and super small shops offering everything from smart boutiques to veggies and pies, to M&S and the market which I adored.  Here is my son standing on the cobbled road with the clock in the distance. I also enjoyed the buskers, very good some of them are.  

We all travelled over to this old pub and met up with my husband's beautiful daughter Sarah, and the lunch we had was amazing with the biggest Yorkshire puds I have ever seen, virtually the size of my plate!

All too soon I had to board my flight for home.  A wonderful trip, but a husband and little doggie both of whom I missed so much waiting for me.

Through November and December we had such unbearably hot weather, it made working with yarn well nigh impossible.  And added to that I had a spell of ill health, so not much to report there.  Christmas was quiet spent with family.  I did manage to make a couple of small festive items, gifts for little people!

During the month I was away for the wedding, and through November and December, my daughter, my eldest, was in a relationship that was not good.  Suffice to say we were all worried as to her future, how safe she was, and how it would all pan out.  When your child is in her forties, divorced with two almost grown children, it is not the easiest thing to be supportive, at the same time be fearful, at the same time try to give sound advice, and also to not be seen to be interfering.  Eventually common sense prevailed and we persuaded her to move back home, to our great relief.  It was very difficult for her, she has the biggest heart and saw her role with the gentleman involved, as carer and saviour .. said gentleman has addiction issues ..  
I am happy to say that the relationship ended, did not end well, but she knew it was the best move. And I can also say I do believe in miracles!  She has met, purely in an accidental sort of fashion, a most wonderful man, kind, generous, decent, no issues, who adores her.  She is happier than I have seen her in a year .. and I am over the moon for her.  Here she is looking gorgeous in her best colour!

And within all this turmoil, my youngest grandson, my daughter's youngest son left home for boarding school.  This was a huge move for Riley, and a wrench for his mom and me and the family.  So far all is good, the school is in a beautiful part of the country, with an emphasis on outdoor activities like canoeing, river rafting, hiking, off road biking and the like, as well as the usual sports like rugby and cricket.  Here he is ... Action Man .. Cool!

 I have been making up the most gorgeous Fingerless Mitts .. a paid-for pattern by Elvira Jane Crochet Design. They make up superfast, a lovely textured pattern, I love them! 

And I tried a couple of Katniss Messy Bun Beanies ... also fun to make ... 

And so that sort of covers the months since I last posted .. really hoping for some calm now .. I need it 😂
Till next time, thank you for reading xxxxxxxxx Pat