Sunday, 19 January 2014

I'm a little teapot, short and stout ........

Any time is tea time in our house, we are always ready to settle down to a cuppa and a biscuit or two.   So my (aforementioned!) tea cosy is in progress I am delighted to say!  I have taken my choice of colours from a cute set of mugs I found;  as soon as I spotted them, I thought 'I can see a tea cosy in clear turquoise, with pretty pink and perhaps white flowers on top'.  And so lucky I was to find this cute little white tea pot.

The body of the tea cosy is finished.  Now for the fun part ... crocheting flowers and leaves to adorn my turquoise cosy!


Using this easy pattern for the cosy,  and then inspirations for flowers and leaves from three of my favourite blogs ( love, love, and love them) I made up roses, daisies and teeny flowers, big leaves and small leaves and linked leaves... 

Next, I started placing the flowers and leaves here and there, playing with different looks and ideas, too much?? too little??  And to add to the mix, once I started crocheting the flowers and leaves I became totally caught up and couldn't stop, I find I really enjoy making small items, like flowers and squares and hearts.  So I had a nice selection of flowers and leaves from which to choose.  

I am going to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon sewing on the decorations with the threads, and perhaps make up a butterfly or two to complete it.   Thank you for dropping by, do have a wonderful week, hugs and blessings,  Pat xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Oh and by the way, thank you so much for all the kind comments about our adored doggies;   Dexter Dog and Layla the Princess send their love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Monday, 6 January 2014

Introducing .......

Can you believe it, we are into the second week of 2014! If you would indulge me, may I introduce you to our beloved pets, who bring 'sunshine' into our lives every day.

This is Dexter, our rescued Boxer, who has a tail that spins like a helicoptor rotor when he is happy - which is all the time - and the kindest face on the planet.  He is ten years old, healthy and has the most benevolent disposition.

Then we have Layla the Boston Terrier, who thinks she is a princess and enjoys all the perks that go with the title.  A cleverer little dog I have yet to meet ... and I completely adore her.  She sleeps next to me, lies on my lap and gazes into my eyes with absolute and unconditional love. She is four, is our drama queen, having had a knee operation in December 2013, an allergic reaction to swallowing a bee in December 2012, and a slight stroke from which she completely recovered when she was just a pup!!  Her favourite pastime is playing catch with a frisbee.

She's quite a little champion
I do believe our days are richer for having these two canine babes in our lives .... a moment of sadness or dispair is immediately dispelled when we interact with our pets, they heal us, love us, and keep us safe in these uncertain times we live in here in South Africa.

Best buddies

Thank you for reading,
Love you bucketsful,
Pat xx

Thursday, 2 January 2014

A quick update

The Market
The morning of the Market day was bright and sunny, and I set off with trepidation.   Well, once the Market was underway, all my fears were banished!  Crafters are a marvellous group of people, don't you think? and I was soon welcomed and put at ease, with help at hand from seasoned stall holders.  By the end of the day, I had sold some wares, and had orders that astounded me there were so many!  So for the next six weeks I made Minion hats until I was dreaming in vivid yellows and blues!

A sea of goggle eyes!
The pressure was sapping and I had to put in extra effort,  but loved making the beanies anyway!

ATC Swap
What a satisfying little project this turned out to be!  Working to such a small scale with different elements to create a picture was so interesting.  So here is a photo of my 'Autumn Leaf' card.  I hope to take part in the swaps for this year too. For info in this regard, take a peek at Ali Burton's blog,, also via the button to the right.

(Apologies for poor quality of the pic)

November and December were busy months, my workroom is a sea of wool and felt and Christmas decorations waiting to be neatly packed away until December 2014. 
Many new and exciting projects planned for this year, can't wait to get under way!
Thank you for visiting, 
Love you bucketsful,
Pat xx


Wednesday, 1 January 2014

A brand new year ~

~ Such glorious colour in our summer garden ~

... a teeny wee visitor sitting on my front door handle!

~ enjoying my first project in gorgeous 100% cotton yarn, pretty head bands ~

~ a Liverpool scarf for my son (fervent supporter!!) ~

~ I found these cheery mugs, I think a tea cosy in these colours could be fun -
watch this space!!

I started to blog as a way of keeping a record of my day to day, a journal to look back on in years to come ....
I love being part of Blogland, in the company of the talented, sometimes funny, but always completely down to earth bloggers.
Thank you for keeping me company, I hope you will stay a while.
Wishing you all a fabulous, fun-filled year, abundant with creativity and cheerfulness

Until next time
Much love