Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Riley's Blanket

My gift to my grandson this year for his birthday is this checkerboard granny square blanket.

 I enjoyed crocheting this simple yet quite dramatic blanket ... it was just so good to settle down to the gentle rhythm of making plain monocolour granny squares, joining each one as it was finished, and watching as it grew and grew.  In no time the blanket was complete and it was time to add the border.  Because the squares were plain charcoal and red, I decided to jazz up the border a little with five rows in alternating colours .. very happy with the end result. 

 Some pattern details:

  • Terms are US.
  • I used a DK yarn in colours of charcoal and red and a size 4mm hook. 
  • Each square is made up of five rows and then a sixth row as the joining row, and is one solid colour, either red or charcoal throughout. The square has no stitches between the 3dc groups, except on the corners where I used 2ch to separate the two 3dc groups to form the corner.  
  • Each square measures 15cm/5.75in with 48 squares in total; ie 6 squares across and 8 squares in length.  The blanket measures approximately 128cm/50in x 98cm/38in, the border included. 
  •  I turned my work over after each row. I have just recently started crocheting my squares this way, and am delighted by how neat and "square" my work is, with no twisting or unshapeliness (not a word but you get the drift I'm sure)
  • I used the join-as-you-go joining method.
  • I finished off the border with 3 rows of sc in red. 

 I hope to have a photo of Riley and his blanket to show you shortly .. I will add it to the bottom of this post.

Cheery bye till next post
Pat xxxx


  1. hi pat.. a lovely blanket..the charcoal really brings out the bright of the red...riley sure will have great snuggle time underneath...especially that it was made with lots of love...thank you for sharing the details...i am still undecided about turning the squares over with every row...i wonder with the dk weight yarn, if that makes a difference...take care...sally

  2. Oooh it is lovely Pat! As always your work is so neat and tidy!

  3. Great colour choice for a boy, very masculine,but bright and cosy too. He will love it for years to come! X

    1. Thanks Penny, he received it yesterday and he was delighted!

  4. How wonderful! A really pretty, pretty blanket ♥. I'm thinking about maybe making one for my son, too, in black&blue... Do you remember how many skeins of yarn you needed?
    Greetings & have a nice weekend! Nata xxx


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