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Standing Double Crochet

There are some really useful free tutorials around.  Here is one I have only recently found and I wish it had been 10 years ago. It is the 'Standing Double Crochet' - 

Here the link:  

Joining squares as-you-go
An easy and quick way of joining crochet squares, with clear step by step photos. This technique comes to us via the fabulous Lucy of Attic 24.

 Here is the link.

And here more links for super joining methods:
This is the Visible Join from Zooty Owl Crafty Blog : 
Here is the link to the Visible Join

And this is a clever joining method from The Patchwork Heart :

Here is the link:

And here is a link for joining squares with different stitch counts:
Look What I Made is an amazing blog, this link takes you to a very good photo tutorial for joining squares with different stitch counts,which can be quite a challenge!

Linked Double Crochet in a Spiral

An interesting technique from the wonderful Moogly team.   It's a bit faster, and it looks a little different too with that horizontal line. Plus you get a solid fabric that isn't as stiff as single crochet. 

Here is the link.

Crochet conversion chart

Sizing Chart for beanies

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