Thursday, 30 April 2015

Baby blanket update

Been busy this week..
Here are two completed baby blankets..

Traditional granny squares in greens, blues and turquoise with a block border 
and a hdc edging to finish ...

 and granny squares in yellow with circles in pastel
blue, green and turquoise
with a five row border and a dainty
picot edging to finish ..

Have fun lovely ladies,
until next time
Pat xxxx

Monday, 20 April 2015

Pretty in Pastels

 Pastel colours are so pleasing to the eye.. I love using 
beautiful pastel shades together..

Baby blankets are my current fancy.. 
make up in no time at all..

I happen to have pastels colours aplenty 
and I had some squares already waiting 
for a new home..

This is a lovely square.. 
they look beautiful joined together.. 
using the 'continuous join as you go' map and
Adding a good generous border..
I love generous borders don't you?

Some granny squares, still just my most favourite 
of all the squares.. 
next up for a beautiful border..
not quite decided what form it will take just yet..

Shades of green, blue and turquoise.. 
and following this great tutorial..
I have never turned my work over after each row
before and I love the new textures I am seeing.. 

I am in love.. 
this is a pattern I will make many times over
with every row and each colour change I love it more..

Wishing you a wonderful week..
love and light
Pat xxxxxxxx

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Stash-busting beauty!

So pleased with how my first stash-busting blanket has turned out! All I needed was white yarn to complete the joining up and the border.

Yarn is acrylic, hook size 5mm. I used this method to join the squares, which creates an attractive defined look to each block.  Most of the squares are conventional Granny squares, with two nice patterned squares thrown in to perk it up!

Pattern for this square is called a Triangle-in-a-Square, fairly easy, takes a bit of practice but is so effective.  (Edit ... just been browsing and look what I found, another take on this fabulous square, take a peek! )

This pattern is by Dly's Hooks and Yarns called Square in a square

The border is in Block St, this link will take you to a good tutorial with pictures on how to do this stitch.

For the border, I worked on the wrong side of the blanket, using white yarn, making 1dc into a stitch, followed by 1sc into the next stitch.  This creates a sort of small bobble on the right side; I wanted to keep the edging simple and quite unobtrusive because the blanket is quite busy. 

We have just had a 'short, sharp shower', ten minutes and it had moved along ... and my thirsty little garden says "thank you" Just spoken to my eldest son in the UK, he tells me he and his lovely girlfriend are heading out to friends, and they are determined to have a "braai' (Barbeque) today, come rain, hail or shine!  Here's hoping for a peak of sun and no showers ..

I hope you are enjoying a lovely Easter filled with yummy goodies, surrounded by your favourite family and friends, bright and sunny weather and having loads of fun.

Love Pat xx