Monday, 20 April 2015

Pretty in Pastels

 Pastel colours are so pleasing to the eye.. I love using 
beautiful pastel shades together..

Baby blankets are my current fancy.. 
make up in no time at all..

I happen to have pastels colours aplenty 
and I had some squares already waiting 
for a new home..

This is a lovely square.. 
they look beautiful joined together.. 
using the 'continuous join as you go' map and
Adding a good generous border..
I love generous borders don't you?

Some granny squares, still just my most favourite 
of all the squares.. 
next up for a beautiful border..
not quite decided what form it will take just yet..

Shades of green, blue and turquoise.. 
and following this great tutorial..
I have never turned my work over after each row
before and I love the new textures I am seeing.. 

I am in love.. 
this is a pattern I will make many times over
with every row and each colour change I love it more..

Wishing you a wonderful week..
love and light
Pat xxxxxxxx


  1. Very pretty. I'm working on a granny squares project myself using retro colors.

  2. So many pretty blankets! I think the green, blue and turquoise is my favourite though!

  3. Such beautiful squares. And the circular ripple is so lovely!

  4. All very pretty I love pastels. :)

  5. All beautiful, but particularly the start shaped one, what a gorgeous baby shawl that would be. x


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