✿About me

I started this blog as a way to journal and record and share the crafts I enjoy, to learn from the many wonderful crafters out there in the blogging world, and in a nutshell .... to have fun!! 

I love crocheting, knitting, working with felt, and cross stitching. Beadwork and quilting are on the horison as new crafts I hope to conquer!  Have dabbled with tatting and Tunisian crochet.   Baking and trying new recipes are favourite pastimes; I make a great curry and love to end meals with a stunning dessert or pudding, made with love, by me of course!

My working career spans most of my adult life, with owning a hotel once and also running an Italian restaurant.  Retirement is a most welcome new chapter, a slower pace, time to craft, and read in the sun, which we have in abundance here in Sandton, South Africa.


  1. I love your banner picture of the flower valance. Did you make that?

  2. Replies
    1. Lovely to hear from you, still miss you muchly P x

  3. Beautiful blog, so happy to see you enjoying this new phase of life!

    1. Dearest Celeste, thank you for the kind words my friend, loving bloggyland so far P xx


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