Friday, 31 July 2015

Flowers for Memories ~

Yarndale 2015 ... and this year the call has gone out for ...
 an abundance of colour translated into flowers of all shapes and in any discipline of yarn art, be it knitting or crochet, with pretty embellishments if you feel so inclined ... what a glorious brief!!

Since the early days of my crochet journey, when I discovered the joy of making beanies and hats, I have had a love affair with crocheting flowers to add to sweet little creations for girls;  hats with huge flowers or a posy of small flowers with dainty beadwork in the centres adorning their brims.  And then I started making tea cosies, and my word, I had such fun decorating them with gorgeous arrangements on the tops!  Headbands and earwarmers, bookmarks and handbag handles, they all got the floral treatment;  great for stashbusting too!

And a beautiful blanket, designed by Heather of The Patchwork Heart ..... my blanket was made as a gift for a very dear friend.

So imagine my delight when I read that this year the theme would be ..... flowers!  Without ado I scoured my files and folders for my favourite patterns ..... a goldmine of fabulous and easy and free patterns can be found on Pinterest ....... some of my favourite bloggers have designed lovely flowers too.

This is the method I use to neaten off the back and attach a clasp or pin, should you want to use the flower or posy as a brooch.

Position your leaf or leaves if any on the back of the flower and stitch on neatly using the tail on each leaf.

Now using either a colour from your flower, or the colour of your leaf
crochet a little three to four round circle, depending on how much you need to cover in the way of stitching and threads.
You need to have a +- 15 cm tail at the start of either your magic circle (or preferred method) which needs to be on the right side of the patch,
and a longer tail at the end.

Using the tail in the centre of the patch, 
stitch your pin neatly and securely, 
take the thread to the back of the patch and secure.

Position the patch on the back of the flower, making sure that all your stitchery is neatly covered ... and sew in place with the long tail you have left
on your last row of the patch.

A good idea is to pin the flower to yourself with a straight pin .. taking care not to injure yourself.  You may need to position the clasp a little higher than the centre
so that the flower doesn't flop forward if pinned to a garment 

Here are some of the patterns I have used ~

Autumn Berry Flower

Hellibore bloom

Coiled Roses

Five Petal Tropical Flower

Triple Layer Flower

Pretty flower

May Roses

I hope you have as much fun creating beautiful flowers as I did .... they will be winging their way to Skipton in the next day or two! 

Local Skipton crochet artist Sheila Metcalfe raises funds on behalf of the Alzheimers Society. Flowers for Memories, sure to be an amazing display of crochet flowers, will no doubt be a huge draw at this year's Yarndale show and at the same time add much needed funds for her most worthy cause. 
Here is her postal address to which to send your
floral contributions!

Sheila's Flowers
Box 97 Skipton
North Yorkshire
BD23 9EN
England UK

The due date is September 11 ~
more details re size etc can be found on
the Yarndale Blog

Have a most wonderful weekend
Much love Pat


  1. Hello - I have just come across your lovely blog, and those beautiful crochet flowers look marvellous! It has been a real treat, taking time out from a hectic Friday to sit and read all about your crochet. I am now a follower, so I won't miss a thing!
    Have a wonderful weekend out there in the sun!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments, and welcome! Pat x

  2. Such beautiful flowers and so beautifully finished as well! I am sure that they will be well appreciated. xx

  3. Your flowers are beautiful, and so neatly finished! I shall keep my beady eyes on the look out for them when I visit in September. I particularly love the hellebore. Haven't made my own contributions just yet. Too many blanket requirements and a mini obsession with making houses and caravans just now!

    1. Thank you Steph, just such a pity I can't send a raft-full .... the costs from South
      Africa are so high!

  4. Beautiful! I particularly like the hellebore x

    1. Thanks Penny, the Hellebore, when finished, was quite a delight for me too!

  5. Your flowers are beautiful I will look out for them at Yarndale, thank you for linking them to the stash party. :)

    1. Thank you Linda, just sooo wish I could attend .. but South African is sooo far away!

  6. Hi, your colours and photo's are amazing! I noticed your blog today and became your new follower. The things you make are so bright and make me smile. Nice work!
    Have a nice day, Sigrid

    1. You are very kind Sigrid! Thank you Pat xx

  7. Your flowers and colours are beautiful. Thanks also for linking us to the patterns!

    Can't leave a comment without also thanking you for the photo tutorial on the safety pinning. That is going to be great help to a new-ish crochet-er.

    Happy Hooking!

  8. You are most welcome! Pat x

  9. Oh Pat! These are wonderful! I am glad we share the same obsession!

  10. It's a great idea. Your flowers are beautiful :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. These Flowers are just delightful :)

  12. Brilliant idea to cover the backing with a crochet circle :) Your flowers are really lovely Pat :)

  13. Really lovely to connect with a fellow crochet-crafty soul from South Africa! Yay! Love your creations! I'm over at as a newbie "crochet blogger" ( from Cape Town ).xxx

  14. Beautiful handmade design flowers

    Thanx for sharing lovely post
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