Saturday, 4 July 2015

Mandala for Wink

Hello again dear friends,

I have decided to join and contribute to the crochet art initiative currently underway.  The crochet world is indeed in shock at the recent passing of a most talented and creative young lady, Marinke Slump, known to the blog world as Wink, writer of the wonderful blog A Creative Being.  She bravely lived with crippling depression, and eventually succumbed some days ago.

This is such an insidious and dark disease, taking the light out of life, and filling the soul with such numbing hopelessness, pain and despair.  I speak as a sufferer, and from having to keep myself together and keep my two children closely gathered to my being, when their dad took his life. 

My depression is manageable, only occurring very, very occasionally.  I know the signs and can cope with the week or so of fumbling around trying not to go 'down the dark hole' too far.  Most of the time I am fine, happy and coping extremely well with my everyday.  I 'fess up' to taking a mild medication, mostly to control panic attacks that became part of the picture.  

Crochet has been a life saver for me .... I have focus and purpose ..... and this may sound a tad quirky, and I suppose it is, but I don't clench my jaws when I am immersed in a project, playing with colours, planning a pattern, or simply making Minion hats .. I am making many many Minion hats at the moment!! The movie opens here in South Africa in a week or so, and the demand will be great!  I recently made a 'girlie' Minion for the first time, what fun!  May I introduce you to Moppit!

And so I decided to make a Mandala in honour of Wink, using one of her lovely free patterns.  If you would like to join the project, details are available here,  also on Facebook on #MandalasforMarinke

My blogging has slowed, and for that I am sad .... just too much on my plate, as does happen to us all. I have ideas in my head, photos to take, posts to fine tune ..... very exciting!   And to end may I say a huge and heart-felt thank-you to the many dear ladies who leave a comment now and again, it is sooo appreciated.  There is no feeling like it .. 

Until next time, love and light, from Pat x


  1. So sad about Wink. And Ihad no idea about your girls' Dad. That must have been unimaginably hard for you all. I'm a sufferer too, and take meds for it to keep on an even keel. Its a horrid horrid thing, depression, can strike out of nowhere and is largely invisible.
    Your mandala is beautiful, and I hope Wink is at peace now

  2. I didn't know Wink had died, what a sad shock. Such a talented young thing, I've followed her blog for a long time, she will be such a miss. Fitting tribute in mandalas. Depression is scarily widespread and I agree crochet helps so much.

  3. Well done to you for speaking out so honestly Pat, and I am sad to hear of your struggles with depression and your girls' dad taking his own life. It is a big decision to share something so personal on your blog. I was not aware of Wink's blog, but have been reading about her on various other blogs during the week. Terribly sad. Take care. Your mandala is beautiful X

  4. Hi Pat

    You have been a brave lady. Time is the only healer. Take care.

    And a lovely tribute to dear Wink. RIP Wink. The mandala looks beautiful.


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