Thursday, 2 January 2014

A quick update

The Market
The morning of the Market day was bright and sunny, and I set off with trepidation.   Well, once the Market was underway, all my fears were banished!  Crafters are a marvellous group of people, don't you think? and I was soon welcomed and put at ease, with help at hand from seasoned stall holders.  By the end of the day, I had sold some wares, and had orders that astounded me there were so many!  So for the next six weeks I made Minion hats until I was dreaming in vivid yellows and blues!

A sea of goggle eyes!
The pressure was sapping and I had to put in extra effort,  but loved making the beanies anyway!

ATC Swap
What a satisfying little project this turned out to be!  Working to such a small scale with different elements to create a picture was so interesting.  So here is a photo of my 'Autumn Leaf' card.  I hope to take part in the swaps for this year too. For info in this regard, take a peek at Ali Burton's blog,, also via the button to the right.

(Apologies for poor quality of the pic)

November and December were busy months, my workroom is a sea of wool and felt and Christmas decorations waiting to be neatly packed away until December 2014. 
Many new and exciting projects planned for this year, can't wait to get under way!
Thank you for visiting, 
Love you bucketsful,
Pat xx



  1. Hi Again! Happy Crafty New Year!!! Wow - you were a busy bee - you must feel a bit like a minion after making all those beanies? So happy to hear that your market went well - are you planning another one?? xxx

  2. I think I will do a market approaching winter, and another at Christmas ... and a lesson learnt is to not take on too many orders, but to concentrate selling the items on the table only :) xx Pat

  3. Hello Pat
    These are the cutest hats ever ! So much hard work.


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