Monday, 16 September 2013

Yarn bombing !

Colourful Tale

Yarn bombing is an amazing way of using colourful displays of knitted and crocheted wool and yarn in many shapes and sizes to decorate and beautify a public area.  A sort of 'fibre graffiti'  if you will.  Initially - around 2004/5 - the practice was used to cheer up cold and unfriendly places, pops of colour here and there, to lift the spirits of the local folk. 

In Dallas, a clever crafter - her name is Meredith, has just hosted her Sheepish Bloom Drop, where her readers all over the world were invited to make up flowers and anything flower related and tie/hang/attach their makes wherever they wished.  Pop over here, see the amazing flower creations ~ on gates and post boxes and door knobs ~ some with little notes attached with a kind word or two.  A little message to bring a smile to a passer-by's face.  

A magnificent tree resplendent in a crochet coat of many colours.

In August 2014, our very own Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria will be the location for a world record attempt for the largest yarn bomb! The aim is to cover the steps in crochet and knitted squares .... wow 

After the event, the squares will be donated to various charity organisations to make many, many blankets.

So, it's time to pick up those needles and hooks and get busy.  Just five or ten squares or however many, every one will make difference.  All names will be noted and entered as part of the attempt. Here is the link to find out more and a Facebook Page called Yarn Indaba also has information. 

Come on
 we CAN do this!!
 Let's place South Africa on the Yarn Bomb map! 
Participate and help to set the record.

A wintery looking Voortrekker Monument ...... 

Can you imagine 22,000 multicoloured squares covering the steps?  What an astounding sight it should be!

Have a brilliant day,

Pat xxx


  1. The tree looks fabulous good luck with the project.

    1. Thanks Helen and I will definitely be adding crochet squares to the yarn bomb here next year!

  2. I have heard of this new trend. It certainly has a colourful affect. I am not much into crochet squares but I look forward to seeing the result on the monument steps next year.

  3. Hi Pat - I am also a Johannesburger - I have been blogging for about 11 months (more like "plodding" as I haven't really taken it seriously!) Spotted your post on a Yarn Indaba search - I have made 30 squares for the Yarn Bomb so far - I couldn't resist using them to yarn bomb a ficus tree in my garden ( It looked so pretty I almost didn't want to remove them again! Good luck with your blogging and looking forward to seeing your projects!

  4. Hi Pat, thanks for your lovely comments about my blog. You would never tell you're a blog newbie... you're blog page looks the biz. I would LOVE to participate in this yarn bombing - did you see what they did to the Cathedral steps in Helsinki? Go feast your eyes - it's AmAzing! You can see it on swellsknits blog site. X

    1. Why thank you, I definitely think I am on track! If you would like to send me a square or two, mail me! I will make sure they are included and you will have a mention in the records xPat


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