Saturday, 22 November 2014

Blissful Mood Blanket 2014

Just had to share my Mood Blanket ... I am beyond delighted, it looks toooo beautiful.

I joined a CAL in January, calling for a blanket to be made over the space of twelve months.  The brief was mainly that, but also that your 'moods' should be reflected in the colours of the blanket.  Well, I mulled over this part of the CAL for a while, and decided that my blanket would eventually be many squares of 'upbeat mood' colours and only a few in 'downbeat mood' colours. So I decided to simply make up the squares in my very favourite colours, in random order and about five to seven squares a month.  And so my Blissful Mood Blanket came to life!

Details ~
Yarn: Double Knit
Hook: 4mm
Squares:  I used the Maybelle Flower Square for the squares. My Rose Valley was one of the first blogs I ever read, and just knew, when I saw this beautiful square, that I would use it in a project in the future sometime.

Joining method: During the early stages of the Mood Blanket CAL, I met another wonderful blogger from Zooty Owl Cards ...... . I was so thrilled to discover that she was a fellow country-lady .. she lives in South Africa too, and in the same city!  I spotted a joining method she had used and asked her to share her secret!  Here is the link for this very easy and attractive joining method.

Border:  Another blog that I have followed forever is The Patchwork Heart, and I first saw this border on one of Heather's fabulous blankets.  Here is a useful link that explains how to do the border.   I used this pattern but with four dc groups (you can see the groups clearly in the pictures).  This fitted in better with the spacing I used that would accommodate the number of stitches on each side of the blanket.  The finished size : 60" x 94" / 150cm x 240cm.

And so now it is finished, ready for a little wash and then to be packed away till winter comes round again.  It was fun, very satisfying and immensely enjoyable to work on a project for twelve months.  Stressful .. No;  Blissful .. Yes!

I have already started sorting through patterns of beautiful squares for my 2015 blanket! 

Have an amazing weekend
Cheers Pat xxxxxxxxxx


  1. Your blanket is absolutely stunning, and the first of the CAL blankets I have seen finished! I am also in on this CAL, my blanket is now awaiting the final 2 rows of the border, but I have had to put it on hold to craft presents for Christmas. I am hoping to finish it before the end of the year though, even if it means working on it on 31 December :)


  2. Your blanket is absolutely beautiful, the colours are so fresh and what a nice idea to have them reflect your moods. A great achievement! X

  3. Beautiful blanket it's so pretty. :)

  4. Your blanket is so pretty! I love the border and all the different colours that you chose! xx

  5. Beautiful - such a happy looking blanket!

  6. Gorgeous blanket. Love your colour choices. Have a nice day. :)

  7. thank you for the link to my blog!
    such a happy blanket, xxxx Ale


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