Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Stripey Blanket ~ Part 4

I have added a few more rows to my gorgeous Stripey Blanket, despite the searing heat we are experiencing down here in South Africa.  Most of the country is in the grip of a heatwave making working with wool so very uncomfortable!

At the end of Part 3, I was just starting the first row of the Catherine Wheel section.
Rows 35 - 38 :: Catherine Wheel pattern in Magenta, Pomegranate x 2 rows and Wisteria for the fourth row.
Rows 39 - 41 :: Hdc rows in Saffron, Plum and Saffron
Rows 42 - 44 :: Granny pattern rows x 3 rows in Aspen, Bluebell and Aspen.  If you are not familiar with how to crochet the usual granny pattern, you work like so:
3dcs in st, miss 2 sts, 3 dcs in next st, miss 2 sts and so on. I start with 3ch (stands as first dc) then, miss 2 sts, and 3dcs in next st.  Depending on how many sts you have cast on in the beginning, at the end of row you need to end with at least 1dc into the last st.  

 I continue to be delighted by the brightness and clarity of the colours in the Stylecraft Special DK range.  One can practically not go wrong, whatever colours you place side by side.
So nice to see you,
 take care until next time,
Pat xxxxxx


  1. This is one of the most beautiful blankets I've ever seen! All those pretty fun colors and lovely stitches...it's just the best!!! Stay cool! xo

  2. Its looking amazing Pat :) Makes me think of a vibrant beach towel. its so zingy and summery ... despite the fact its meant to be cosy for the winter lol ...mind you maybe when it is cool enough to need a blanket, the colours will warm you up just looking at them :)


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