Saturday, 31 January 2015

Stripey Blanket - Part 3

Hello ladies (and gents if there any gentlemen readers this lovely morning!) Has January not just whizzed by? I am personally so looking forward to moving along to end of Feb and into March;  this is when our cooler months start.  We have had wickedly hot weather lately .. too hot to crochet, too hot to do much of anything actually!

My As-we-go Stripey blanket is beginning to look really stunning #saysIwithnomodestywhatsoever !!!

Here are the next few rows:
Row 32-34 : Hdc rows in Bluebell, Meadow and Bluebell
Row 35 : Sc row in Pomegranate  ~ this is where I started the Star Stitch pattern rows.
Row 36-37 : Star stitch rows in Wisteria
Rows 36 : Sc row in Pomegranate ~ ends the Star Stitch section
Rows 37-39 : Hdc rows in Saffron, Magenta and Saffron
Rows 38 - 41 : Repeat of rows 18-21 ~ 4 Dc Shell sts in Meadow, Sc row in Fondant, Dc Shell rows in Plum and Sc row in Fondant again.
Rows 42 - 44 : Hdc rows in Meadow, Shrimp and Meadow
Row 43 : First row of Catherine Wheel pattern in Magenta

Just take a look at my edges .... as I finish a section I am tidying away the threads, it is the only way and works for me!
I am dashing to my wool shop this morning .. I need more Aspen Green ..... AND they are having their January sale.. this could be an exciting albeit pricey trip .. who can resist a wool sale!!  And gosh, my days are just disappearing in a blur lately, taking my dear David to work and then collecting him again in the afternoon takes huge chunks of time out of my daily round.  His wrist is healing nicely but no driving for another seven weeks .. it must be done not so?
Have a super weekend everyone
much love
Pat xxxxx


  1. Pat I really love this blanket! Are you going to publish the whole pattern when it's done? X

  2. It's great watching this grow it's lovely. :) xx

  3. Ooh it is looking gorgeous!!! I am not managing to work on anything big - the heat is really getting to me this year! I the sale at Arthur Bales?? I need to stock up on Stylecraft too!

  4. This is just beautiful - you really did a great job selecting your colors for this project.
    Sounds funny to hear you mention how hot it is there when we are knee deep in snow here.

  5. That is a beautiful blanket! Have fun at the yarn shop. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Found your blog, love your blanket would like to make one also are you using UK or US terms?
    From australia

  7. Beautiful!! I love the colours and the stripes!! xx

  8.'re not kidding, this is TOTALLY STUNNING! I need a blanket like this...just looking at it makes my heart smile! :) What a beautiful job you're doing! I LOVE IT! xoxo

  9. Gorgeous! Love Stylecraft colors!


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