Sunday, 4 January 2015

Lazy Ripples and lashings of rain and learning to let go!

Yesterday our beautiful little stream just in front of our house morphed into a raging torrent in less than an hour!

From these tranquil scenes .....

....... to these showing a raging, rampaging torrent!!

By this morning, all was back to normal;  a beautiful and cool and very wet Highveld morning.

I put my little Christmas Poinsettia out into the glorious sunshine ...all its huge red flowers have faded.  I found this useful information for encouraging the plant to flower again next season .. I am going to try this year I think!

The petunias are looking rather floppy, no wonder as they were pounded by heavy rainfall for about 2 hours in the storm.


Agapanthas looking so pretty in their diamonds!

I have a tub of New Guinea Impatiens to plant into a lovely ceramic pot this morning ...


also a tray of Heirloom tomatoes that I grew from seed;  
I can't wait for them to produce fruit!

A cool corner in the garden, the sun is just touching the plants and by this afternoon it becomes the hottest corner in the garden!!

In December, after our Christmas Dinner on the 25th, I made a difficult decision .. well difficult for me anyway ..  wanting to be the 'one in control' of all planning, menus, and cooking up a storm etc .. that I would let go of ownership, of having my hands on everything.  My choice is made out of compassion for myself ... we mostly have extremely hot weather in December, I now choose not to be in a steamy hot kitchen for hours.   And as I have read recently .. "surrending doesn't mean giving up or not caring, it means trusting and allowing things to be taken care of by others" That's it in a nutshell .... And if my family are all away on holiday, then our brilliant Woolworths always has the most scrumptious "ready to serve" Christmas fare on their shelves.  That will be Plan B!!  I want to be able to enjoy the festive season, make and create, see friends or do nothing, just relax! I am ready to do this, and I am happy to 'let go' .

And on the subject of letting go ... my beloved eldest son is returning to the UK on Wednesday after a lovely visit of nearly three weeks.  We had not seen him for more than 2 years, and oh the joy of having him sit down to a plate of Mielie Pap and Chicken Stew!! And he loves Bacon and Egg with a banana fried in the bacon fat!  I am going to miss him so much ... hoping and praying that he will be able to visit again next December or, and I do believe in miracles, that I can travel over to spend time with him sometime this year!

He will be taking the Lazy Ripples blanket with him, that I have been working on over the past few weeks .. his Christmas gift from me!

I will post details of the blanket in my next post, just measurements, weight, and info re yarn etc.

Until next time (is it Jan 4 already!!)
Pat xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. Oh!you live in such a wonderland!! wow.. I liked all the fresh and happy plants. They look lovely. The stream reminds me of our native. A similar rivulet flows by.... Its so lovely.

    Happy New Year to you... Am happy you could spend lovely moments with your son. Children as they grow, become visitors. To grow and fly the nest...

    The ripples look so lovely. But why to you call them Lazy.. They are simply beautiful

  2. Wow, you must have had a lot of rain! The crochet blanket looks lovely, just the thing for the cold weather we are having here in the UK at the moment, your son will really appreciate it. How lovely that you were able to see him over the holidays.


  3. Oh we could do with a bit of that rain, everything here is turning brown in the sun! That was a lovely blanket for your sun by all accounts he will need it! Good luck with letting go it can be difficult!

  4. We are having rain and swollen rivers here in Oregon, too. We're famous for rain. Then we had several bright shiny days, too. I hope your son gets to come again next year. My daughter lives 3000 miles away from us and it breaks my heart that I barely know my 2 little granddaughters. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Hello there. I have just found your lovely blog via Teresa's. And I stand with you on missing family. Coincidentally I am posting about Chevron blankets just now. Yours is lovely and I am sure your son will love and treasure it.


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