Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Stripey Blanket 2015 - Part 1

Ever since first seeing the beautiful and different As-we-go- Stripey blankets on Pinterest and while blog-browsing, I knew I wanted to make one just for me!

So as 2014 came to a close and I finished my Blissful Mood Blanket I started thinking about what to make for my 2015 12-month project.  I have collected several glorious colours of Stylecraft Special DK, a yarn I really like .. it came to me that I could work small amounts of this yarn at a time into stripes of patterns and make a Stripey-as-you-go Blanket over the early months of 2015.
The colours I am working with are:

Plum : Spring Green : Shrimp : Wisteria : Saffron : Magenta : Meadow : Fondant : Pomegranate : Bluebell and Aspen
Hook:  4mm
Terms:  US terms are used
I am aiming at an approximate width of 1.2m before the border.  I started with 201 ch.  I simply measured my chain row with a Tape Measure till it measured about 1.2m.  

These are my first 16 rows:

Rows 1 - 3 : Hdc in Bluebell, Pomegranate and Meadow
Rows 3 - 5 : Granny pattern in Fondant and Saffron
Rows 5 - 9 : Hdc in Plum, Wisteria and Plum
Rows 10 - 13 :  A Zig Zag pattern in Aspen and Shrimp
Rows 14 - 16 : Hdc in Magenta, Saffron and Magenta

One small detail to be aware of ... I was so keen to start .. I did my chain row and was whizzing along, only to realise after a bit that there is a right and a wrong side ...  of course!! I can be such a Dozy Doris sometimes!!  So to have my Zig Zag pattern on the right side would mean my starting Hdc row would be 'wrong-side-up'  Not to worry .. I am just being much more careful now, and making sure to plan each next section.

Inspiration comes in bucket loads from these two lovely blogs Not Your Average Crochet  and Little Woolie, beautiful examples of this blanket and wonderful photo tutorials and patterns to help you along.  I am using them as my references. I hope I can keep this project going over a few months!! my fingers are itching to get going again right now! I am loving it soooo much!
If I can, and I say that not lightly because I am still a little technically challenged, I will try and keep all my progress blogs in this one place .. any assistance will be greatfully accepted :)
Happy crocheting
happy days
love Pat xxxxx

Edit:  I will add a "Stripey as you go" label to each post, and that should keep the progress posts running sequentially .. I hope!


  1. Love the idea of such project. I hope I will make blanket like that in the future because the effect of colorful stripes is just awesome :)

  2. I don't think that you need to worry about right and wrong sides! As long as you like it that is all that matters! It is looking really great so far! xx

  3. Oh I love your colours!, I did the stripey blanket using Little Woolie as a guide a year ago. It is still my favourite blanket. Look forward to seeing yours progress!

  4. It's looking fab already, great colours :)
    To keep all the posts together you could add a label like "Stripey Blanket" or something to them all :)

  5. Its going to be beautiful :)

  6. Love, Love, Love your blanket! I love that you're using a different pattern for each row and the colors are wonderful. Can't wait to see it when you're finished.

  7. It will turn out beautiful...I made three last year!


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