Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Stripey Blanket - Part 2

Hello there, how is your week panning out so far?  I had the best time adding more rows to my Stripey Blanket .... I seriously cannot see me trying to stretch this project over a whole year, or even a half a year ... such fun!!

Here are the next rows,
Rows 18-21  :  4dc shells, rows of sc alternating. The shells are in every 4th st.  The sc row:  3sc into the loops on top of the shell and 1sc between shells.
Rows 22 - 24  :  Hdc rows in Fondant, Wisteria and Fondant
Rows 25 - 27  :  Bobble section.  3 dc rows in Saffron, with bobbles in Plum after every 12 sts.  You can insert as many bobbles into the row as you wish, with however many stitches inbetween, it's your choice;  this was how it best worked out for me.
Row 28 - 31  :  Hdc rows in Aqua, Shrimp and Aqua.
Rows 29 - 31  :  Granny rows in Plum, Fondant and Plum

Short aside: my hubby fell through a breaking ladder yesterday and broke his wrist .. he has had surgery and all is good.  Will fetch him home today .. I will probably only get the next few rows done and posted by the end of the week!

Until next time
Happy hooking!
Pat xxxxx


  1. Oh Pat! Your poor husband! Your lovely blanket! X

  2. Your blanket is going to be lovely it's so pretty so far, your poor husband hope his wrist heals well. :)

  3. Your blanket is wonderful. So sorry to hear about your husband. I am glad that the operation went well and I hope that he makes a swift and good recovery. xx


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