Saturday, 28 March 2015

Hannah's Blanket

I have two of the cutest great-nieces on the planet ..... bright as buttons, very cute and the apples of their mamma and pappa's eyes!

This year I committed to making them each a snuggly blanket for their respective birthdays. 

Hannah Denise is dark haired and dainty, loves modern dancing, is in her school choir and enjoys drama, clearly music plays a defined role in her everyday!  She loves art and drawing too ... a very accomplished little lady! She has a quaint sense of style, and has been choosing her outfits for her day from when she was just a teeny tot .. and she is a little girl who likes a neat and tidy space around her! Spends fun time with her sister in their beautiful Wendy House, and loves to play with her many friends, a kind and caring, very special and sweet child.

This is her blanket ~

Yarn is our very good local brand Elle Family DK, Hook size 4mm, and the pattern is Priscilla Hewitt's Sunburst Square.
I added an extra row of Hdc in Lilac before adding the joining rows in white.  I used Attic 24's Join-asyougo method.

For the border I did 4 rows of granny clusters, and then a shell border of 7 dcs in each shell.

Have a most wonderful weekend lovely friends,
Pat xxxxxxxxxxx


  1. It turned out lovely Pat!! Such a gorgeous little girl - I am sure she is going to be very happy with her gift!

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words And very apt description Pat! Hannah is going to be absolutely thrilled and will treasure it always ❤️ Maybe one day she will even pass it on to her daughter!

  3. You are so nice and generous to make such a fantastic gift for your g-niece! It's absolutely flawless and beautiful and the colors are perfection. Good job! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. A beautiful blanket Pat to match a beautiful child!!!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  5. Beautiful blanket for a beautiful girl :)
    I love your colour combos, and the lilac round in each square, between the whites, is really lovely :)

  6. What a sweet girl! And how wonderful that you made her this lovely blanket.

  7. Beautiful!
    Greetings from Holland.

  8. What a wonderful gift, I am sure she will treasure it always. The colours are so fresh snd just right for a sweet girl X

  9. What a beautiful blanket for that special little lady! The colors and stitches are all so pretty. I'm sure she'll cherish it forever...I know I would! xoxo

  10. This is the most beautiful crocheted blanket. You did a great job making it and I love the colors!

  11. A wonderful blanket with a lovely story behind! Your grand-niece sounds like a great little lady. I am sure she will adore and cherish the blankets for years to come!

    Take care
    Anne (Crochet Between Worlds)

  12. I really love the blanket and your color combination..I know she will love and treasure it...

  13. What a beautiful blanket! The colour scheme is very pretty and original. I'm sure your niece will adore it.


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