Sunday, 29 May 2016

The Juliette Mandala

Hidyhi dear lovely ladies!
I have a new mandala pattern for you ~
Ta-dahh!  presenting the Juliette Mandala!

Pattern terms:  US.  
Here is a little chart to use for conversion if necessary.

Materials:  Stylecraft Special DK and US F .. 4mm hook for the Mandala below and the diameter is 35cm ...  and Raeesah DK 100% Cotton and US G ..  4.5mm hook for the Mandala in yellow and green with a diameter of 40cm. 

Start with either a magic circle or 3ch and slip stitch into first chain.

Row 1:  14 sc into circle, sl st to close (14 sc)

Row 2:  5ch (counts as 1 tr and 1ch), 1 tr into next stitch, 2ch, 1tr into next st, 1 ch, 1 tr into next stitch, 2ch.  Continue all round ending with 2ch and sl st into 4th chain of starting 5 chain.
(14 x trs, 7 x 2ch gaps and 7 x 1ch gaps) 

Row 3:  Join new colour (pink for reference) into any 1ch space.  1sc into same space, 5 dc into 2ch space, sc into 1ch space. Continue all round, finishing with 5dc into last 2ch space and sl st into first sc.
(7 x 5dc groups and 7 x sc)

Row 4:  In same colour, and in same st as sl st,  work 1hdc, 3ch, 1hdc into 3rd dc of 5dc group, 3ch, 1hdc into next sc.  Continue all round,  ending with 3ch and sl st into first hdc.
(14 x 3ch and 14 x hdc) 

Row 5:  Join in new colour (lilac) into any 3ch space.  3ch (counts as first dc) and a further 3dc into space (4dc group).  Continue working 4 dc into each 3ch space. Sl st into 3rd chain of starting 3ch. (14 x 4 dc groups)

Row 6:  Join new colour (blue).  We will work the next three rows in the same colour. Join yarn into first dc in any 4dc group.  2sc into same stitch, 1sc into next 3 sts, 2sc into next st, 1sc into next 3 sts.  Continue to end, finishing with sl st into 1st of 2sc at start.

Row 7:  5ch (counts as first dc + 2ch), miss 1 sc, 1 dc into next st. 2ch, miss 1st, 1dc into next st, 2ch, miss 1st, 1dc into next st, 2ch.  Continue to end, as per photo, and after last 2ch, sl st into 3rd of 5ch at beginning. (35 spaces and 35 x dc 'legs')

Row 8:  Sl st into first 2ch space. 2sc, 1ch, 2sc into next 2ch space, 1ch.  Continue all round, finishing with 1ch and sl st into first sc. 

Row 6

Row 7

Row 8
Row 9:  Join new colour into any 1ch space (red).  4 ch (counts for 1dc + 1ch).  1dc into same st. Miss 2 sts.  Work 1dc-1ch-1dc (forming a V) into next 1ch space.  Miss 2 sts and work a V into next 1ch space.  Continue all round with the row of V's.  End with sl st into 3rd ch of 4ch at start of work. (35 x V's)

Row 10:  Join new colour (lilac) into top of any V .. see photo.  3ch and 2dc (counts as 3dc group) into space.  Continue all round finishing with sl st into top of 3ch at start of work. The picture also shows where to start the surface chain if you should wish to add it now. A short description for this is at the end of the pattern.

Rows 6, 7, 8 in blue; row 9 in red; row 10 in lilac

Row 11:  Join new colour (purple) to any space between 3dc groups.  1sc into same space. 2ch, 1sc into next space between groups, 2ch.  Continue to end, finishing with 2ch and sl st into starting sc.

Row 11
Row 12:  Join new colour (blue) to any 2ch space.  3ch (counts for 1dc), 3dc into same space (4dc group).  Continue working a 4dc group into each 2ch space, finishing with sl st into top of starting 3ch.

Row 12

Rows 13, 14 and 15
Rows 13, 14, and 15 work in the same colour(purple).

Row 13:  Join new colour to any st.  1sc in same st, 1sc into each st all round, sl st to first sc to close round.

Row 14:  Repeat Row 7.

Row 15:  Repeat Row 8.

Row 16:  Join new colour (pink) into any 1ch space and repeat Row 9,  the V's row.

Row 17:  Join new colour (lilac) to any 1ch space (in the centre of V).  3ch, 1dc into same space (2dc group), 3dc into next 1ch space (3dc group), 2dc into next 1ch space. Continue working one 2dc group alternating with one 3dc group into each 1ch space to end, finishing with sl st into top of starting 3ch.

Row 17

Row: 18: Join new colour (blue) to any stitch.  1sc into same st, 1sc into next 3 sts. Now we will work a picot as follows:

1 ~ 1sc into next st, 1ch
2 ~ Sl st into loop behind sc, as I have pointed to with my needle
3 ~ yarn over hook and pull loop through 
4 ~ sl st through 1ch

Then sc into same st.  And so there is the little picot finished.

Surface chain pattern:
Here is a group of photos showing how to do the simple surface chain pattern.  You can see where I have positioned the chains.

I have crocheted a surface chain between rows 9 and 10, and again between rows 16 and 17. Your loops must be loose as you pull the yarn through from the back to the front of the mandala, so as not to pucker up your work. Once you have completed the surface chain row and sewn the yarn to the back of your work (photo 8) securely stitch the ends in neatly.

Love the colours of the yellow and green Juliette mandala too.

Hope you enjoy making the Juliette mandala .. 
this being my first pattern in simply ages. I had forgotten how much time (and pleasure!) go into the creative process .. I really enjoyed challenging the brain cells again!

  Please feel free to post your beautiful creations, and I think no mandala can possible not be beautiful .. to my Facebook page!

With much love to all
Pat xxxx


  1. Mandalas are among my favourite things to crochet and this one is a lovely pattern. I love the pinks and mauves very much. Thank you for sharing this beautiful mandala pattern!

  2. It looks totally gorgeous. Those bright colours are so attractive. Thanks for sharing :-)

    keep well

    Amanda x

  3. What a beautiful pattern! That's nice of you to do a tutorial for your readers. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. You are so talented! Very pretty ♥


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