Monday, 21 July 2014

A pop of colour!

Sometimes it feels so good to spoil oneself with a pop of colour for the home when outdoors is dull and dry .. I did last week!  I was having lunch with a dear friend of very long standing .. 51 years in fact ... at a lovely restaurant called the Silver Birch situated inside a nursery. I spotted a display of gorgeous Calla Lilies, or to be botanically correct Zantedeschia, as we walked in through the fabulous shopping area housing indoor plants and de-vine goodies for the garden and home.   I decided as we were leaving to spoil myself and this is the beauty I came home with! Delicious pink blooms to brighten up a little corner in my lounge!

Such loveliness♥

~ Flowers don't worry about how they are going to bloom.
They  just open up and turn toward the light, 
and that makes them beautiful ~
Jim Carrey

My Blissful Mood Blanket is pleasing me hugely .. Maybelle Flower Squares in favourite colours.  49 squares done and joined with 35 squares to go.  I am starting to think about borders ... at the moment I am leaning towards either a white lacy border, or a many-rowed border in white but also featuring some of the colours!

and on the subject of blankets, the afghan I made as a wedding gift was delivered on Sunday, and the happy couple were over the moon with it ~ Happy heart ~

I have added a second group of blogs listing some of my favourite foodies we have in South Africa, really top notch and talented, I often go to their sites for inspiration.  Do take a peek, I find most recipes can be adapted no matter where you live! 

I am working on a lovely project at the moment, called Emily's Garden Blanket ... you can see pictures of the blanket in progress on The Patchwork Heart .. it is quite the most beautiful thing I have seen in ages, and I am making it for another very dear school friend.  Pics of my progress will be in my next blog post!  I am so enjoying this project♥

Chat soon,
xxxx Pat xxx


  1. Gorgeous post Pat! The lily is spectacular - I also love a bit of "potted" colour in the winter! Your mood blanket is going to be a thing of beauty (I have fallen off the wagon a bit with mine!).

  2. Beautiful blankets, sweet birds and dogs, and a wonderful flower - fantastic pics! Thanks for sharing. I only saw calla lilies as cut flowers up to now, but they look fabulous as potted plant, especially in this great color ♥. Sunny greetings, Nata

  3. Such beautiful blankets Pat, really lovely.
    Kate x

  4. Beautiful flower on your new plant, and I spot a mandala under it might we see which one it is please ? Lovely and bright :)

  5. So many good things on this post Pat!

  6. How nice to meet you! I love your crafting and crochet! Seeing as how much we have in common I will add your blog to my list too! Looking forward to getting to know you.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Beautiful flowers, birds and crochet Pat and I love the pic of your little dogs! (such a good life they indeed!)
    Wishing you a happy new week,
    Susan x

  8. I used to love Calla Lillies when I lived in South Africa and I don't see it that often over here. I also love the fact that it is red, such a pretty colour! I am loving the look of your gorgeous blankets, I love the Maybelle flower squares and your wedding guests must have been thrilled to bits, what a lovely and special wedding gift. I am just a little envious of your yarn dale bag, I mean how organised are you! I am hoping to go this year, but at present the dates are not looking all that great! Sending you much love here from england xoxo


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