Monday, 11 August 2014

Puffs and Petals Mandala

I love making mandalas!  I spend time looking at the avalanche of beautiful wheels of colour that has landed in the very capable hands of Lucy of Attic 24 and her team for the display at the Yarndale event to happen soon.  Aahh .. I so wish I could attend!   I do have my Yarndale bag, a small consolation indeed!

And so on to my most recent, very pretty mandala .... I used a pattern from Bunny Mummy called Petals and Puffs mandala.  I am also having a small love affair with Puffs and Popcorn stitches, having recently completed a gorgeous blanket with motifs featuring many little puffs.  More about that in my next post soon!

There is a Cath Kidston look about these colours... lovely!

Have a wonderful week my dears ♥
Chat soon, Pat xxxxxxxxx


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Penny, lovely to hear from you Pat x

  2. What a pretty mandala, great!!
    Sunny greetings, Nata

    1. Sunny greetings back at you Nata! So nice to hear from you Pat x


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