Saturday, 18 October 2014

Braid edging

A recent FB post of a Mandala I made for my Christmas wall collage, resulted in a flurry of requests for a 'how-to' for the braiding on the last row ..... 

The pattern for my Christmas Mandala is The Sunny Flower Mandala from Zooty Owl's Crafty Blog.  With her blessing I added three more rows to make a larger Mandala, two of which make up the braiding rows.

The last cluster row in white is made up of 2dc 1ch 2dc, 
and then a row of 1sc into 1ch space, 2ch, 1sc into space between clusters in green followed.  
Thereafter I added the row of braid crochet in red.

Here is the 'how-to' for the braid row  ...

I have crocheted a small mat shape to start us off.  Then you need a row of chain spaces into which you will work the braid.  So I add a row like this:  1sc into a suitable starting stitch, 2ch, miss 1 st, 1sc into next st.  Proceed in this way to the end of the row, sl st into 1st sc to join row.

    Next join the new colour for the braid into any chain sp leaving a longish thread, about 10cm. 

Chain 5

Remove hook from loop.  The point of the hook is pointing to the space where you will insert hook, i.e. the next 2 ch space.

 Insert the hook through the 2ch space ..

 and then through the loop at the end of the 5ch leg.

Pull 5ch leg through from the wrong side to the right side of work.

Chain 5 again.

Repeat the process
to the end of the row

When you have pulled the braiding through the last 2ch space, chain 3.

This photo shows the wrong side of the work.  You can clearly see the starting stitch at the beginning of your row.

Back to the right side of the work.  Sl St carefully into the st at the back of work;  leaving a 10cm thread, cut yarn, and pull the thread through the last loop on your hook.

Turn your work over so you have the wrong side facing you again.    Gently pull the braid at the back so that it looks good on the front.   Collect your starting 10cm thread and then carefully tie a small neat knot, using your finishing 10cm tread (I know .. knots are not OK) but in this case there is a purpose for the knot.  It serves to pull the braid nicely to the back of the work, so that once you have securely sewn the threads away   ......

This is your end result!

Do try this fun edging on your next doily or mandala!  I would love to see your creations, so please pop a
 photo onto my Sunshine and a Sewing Basket FB page!

Have a lovely weekend all
Pat xxxxxxxxxx


  1. Hi Pat, Wonderful! I have seen another version where both the colors are active and worked turn by turn. I love your method and I am going to try this on my next project. Thank you very much. Have a great day!

  2. What a great edging - must try it soon.

  3. Fascinating to see how you do the braiding! Very clever indeed. xx

  4. I love the holiday colors and I love the purple. Thanks for the braiding info. I will be using this for sure. It makes such a pretty edge!

  5. What a clever and simple but effective way to finish. Thank you for sharing, will surely give this a go at some point x

  6. Wow! What a good idea! Simple to do but so effective. I will definitely be using this technique. Thanks for sharing. Von x


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