Saturday, 11 October 2014

Mandala ....... for Christmas!!

Hello to everyone!

Short and sweet, that's my post today.   Do you start thinking about Christmas in October, and then with the best intentions vow to start with planning, making decorations that you have carefully stored in Pinterest, gathering ideas for presents ..... only to fall into the typical mad rush in December!  So often, too often, that has befallen me.

Not this year I have committed to dear self, and so here I have produced my first Christmas decoration.

The pattern is from Wink :: Issue 12 of Simply Crochet.  The wonderful thing is that any Mandala pattern will translate into a Christmas colour theme ... be it Turquoise and Silver, the traditional Reds, Greens and white, Purple and Silver or Gold ... the mind boggles at the possibilities of colour combinations ... and ... 

Where to use your beautiful Mandalas?  Well what about a gorgeous runner for your Festive table, or a beautiful doily on a bespoke Christmas hall table with a lovely candle in the centre.  Make several up as placemats for your table .. 

My choices are *A large Mandala as a very different wreath decoration for my front door, and ** several Mandalas of different sizes attached to ribbons and hung at varying heights on my huge walls (we have a double height lounge/dining area).  I have to confess this idea comes from the Yarndale display! but a grand idea it is I think!!

You will need to stiffen your Mandalas after completed; this link will take you to Attic 24 for a good pic tutorial on how to go about this.


My WIP vis-a-vie Christmas is the cute Folded Granny Square Christmas Tree. So very easy and makes a super wall decoration.  Still need to make the trunk of the tree.  And decide on how to decorate it, I am definitely making crocheted red rings with a shiny white pearl in the centre.


So after a week fraught with a stressful family issue, I am chilling this weekend, Christmas patterns by the dozen at hand ... well let's just say quite a few ... bliss.  Isn't it amazing how crochet can de-stress an anxious soul.  So calming and relaxing, don't you agree?

Did I say short and sweet .. Oh lovely people, when it comes to Christmas I can go on and on and on .. sorry!

Thank you for popping in
Cheers for now
Pat xxxxxxxxx


  1. You are organised! Lovely work X

  2. What a great start to the festivities!


  3. Hi Pat

    Loved visiting your blog. Your work is so so beautiful.... :) I loved the Xmas mandala....And the blog banner is so dainty n cute :)

  4. Very festive indeed - I love the tree idea!!

  5. Yikes! I hadn't given Christmas a thought yet - it seemed so far away. Thanks for the reminder to get myself going if I plan to make gifts for my family. Have a wonderful week-end.

  6. Hello Pat, Well, how clever is that little Christmas tree - such a sweet idea !
    Have a lovely weekend, Kate x

  7. Wow you are super organised and I suppose thats really the way it supposed to be. I love your pretty christmas mandala and thank you for linking it up to my monthly mandalong. If you're in the mood for whipping up another christmas mandala there's a pattern on my blog for the next mandalong if you fancy playing. I love your pretty little squares too. xoxo


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