Monday, 6 October 2014

Tea and Roses - Part 2

Hello again,
Some colour and pattern variations of our Tea and Roses Cosy ~ pattern here

Standard Granny Squares in yellow and white, set into solid Aqua.  Yellow and white roses and white daisies adorn the cosy. 

Red roses and white daises atop a colourful cosy in yellow, red and green with Parchment as the base colour.

A single large flouncy flower in a lovely peachy colour adorns the top of this cosy in yellow, green and shrimp.

Pretty white base for this cosy with pink, lilac and purple colour accents.

I must say, I have had the best fun making up these cosies, easy to make and finished in an hour or two. 
And what you may think, am I to do with all these cosies, well Christmas Presents of course!

Have fun this week, until next time
Pat xxxxxxxxx

A quick note :: due to my over-enthusiastic attempts at Bin clearing, I have managed to delete necessary photos, and now find strange things happening to my blog page.  I am working on getting all back in order just as soon as I can .. Pat xx 


  1. They are so pretty! I particularly like the one with 'parchment' as the base colour. Wonderful Christmas gifts, I am sure the recipients will be very happy on Christmas morning! X

  2. All so pretty - my favourite is the yellow, green and shrimp with the big flouncy flower!

  3. So pretty! I really like your color combinations, so bright and cheery!


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